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everything is a lie. 

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"Loneliness is absolute. Anything else is an illusion. Never expect anything but trouble. If something nice happens, all the better. Just don’t imagine you can do away with loneliness. A sense of togetherness can be created in, say, religion, politics, love, art. But loneliness is still all-encompassing."

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bAd KiTtY

bAd KiTtY

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When I was working casting on my first comedy series all the cast & crew would play this game while killing time on set. The first person starts off by naming an actor, the person after has to name a film they were in or a director they worked with, and so on either naming actors, directors or films. To this day it’s the best game to play with a group of people who love film. (I wish it was possible to play here.)

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Buddy Stuart - In the Valley of the Sun

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"But here I am, in the middle of the night, without much fanfare, in a dark house somewhere in the world, sitting with my arms around you. And your arms are around me."

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I sit and entertain the bizarre guests of my soul.

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