NXNE: Day 1: Highlight = Dan Deacon

It was a classic Dan Deacon show last night.

We counted down from 10 to zero, but werent allowed to say “seven.” Instead of seven, we were to jump to four and repeated it four times then yelled out our three favorite Lion King characters. At zero the thrash dancing exploded to the pumping of Of The Mountains 

Dan was playing solo which added to the intimacy of the small venue at The Horseshoe. A dance battle circle was later made in the center of the jam packed crowd and I was one of the people called to middle to dance. Participating in Dan Deacon’s games is always the best part about going to his live show.

By the end of the night I was drenched in sweat & accumulated about 15 bruises. The results of an A+ night in my books.  

Tonight Dan is playing a secret show at The Drake Hotel at 11pm (I suggest if you missed him last night you swing on over there)

p.s! Megan (Jessica Paré) from Mad Men was there, we shared a high five.

Photos by David Andrako for Brooklyn Vegan

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